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Nikola Tesla UFO Alien Contact Supernatural Ring

$4,500.00 $250,000.00


Nikola Tesla
UFO Alien Contact
Supernatural Ring


This incredible ring is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It was owned by genius Nikola Tesla and imbued with powerful Illuminati Spells.

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in what is now Croatia around midnight during a violent lightning storm. The midwife told his mother it was a bad omen and the baby would be a child of darkness. His mother responded with, “No, he will be a child of light!” He grew up to become an eccentric inventor, futurist, visionary and physicist with an eidetic memory (which he credits to his mother genes) and was one of history’s most important inventors. In 1884 he was lured to New York City by Thomas Edison. After being duped by Edison, Tesla started his own company. Edison spent the rest of his life trying to discredit Tesla, convincing others he was a “mad scientist” and not to do business with him. Tesla, however, would not be defeated and continued with his inventions, such as the alternating current, tesla coil, smartphone technology and radio wave transmissions, among many others. Tesla’s eclectic genius was way ahead of his time and he worked with the government in developing secret technology, such as anti-gravity, invisibility cloaking (for ships), time travel and phasing (two separate particles on two planes of existence that are not able to perceive each other but still in the same space/time continuum). He was able to communicate with Extra Terrestrials and derived inspiration and knowledge from space/Mars. He also developed many ideas that were not manifested in his time, such as: radar, x-rays, a particle beam “death ray” and radio astronomy. After he died, the FBI raided his apartment and his private documents were never seen again.

This incredible artifact was owned by Tesla and holds the energy to connect with Aliens. It sends out an invisible vibrational frequency to distant galaxies, a friendly greeting, letting Aliens know you come in peace and seek to make contact. Extraterrestrials will be drawn to you, entrusting you with their knowledge and leading you to amazing gifts. It holds the powers of Bilocation – it exists here in our Physical Realm, but also exists in the Spiritual Realm with Tesla; a dual-natural ability to assist you both in this dimension and the dimensions beyond. This forms a secret link to Nikola Tesla himself, who can come through in visions, lucid & prophetic dreams and daydreams with information and guidance for your personal life’s journey. He can bring you fascinating new concepts and approaches towards relationships, or issues you are facing. New opportunities, people and influences will appear before you like never before. This ring brings you the ability to enhance your own Supernatural powers of: teleportation, all kinetic abilities (including telekinesis-moving things with your mind), clairvoyance, seeing Spirits, astral projection/OBE’s, retrocognition and precognition, remote viewing, invisibility, time travel, enhanced memory (and retainment of information), otherworldly wisdom and regeneration (advanced healing through biokinesis). It bestows you the powers of persuasion and mind control over others; allowing you to influence the minds of those around you. Others will be compelled to believe their thoughts are right and act on them without question. You will gain a strong inner-knowing, and be able to “read” people (know what they are thinking despite what they are saying). This Ring envelops you in an alluring Aura that others find intriguing; drawing positive new romance, friendships and clients to you. The possibilities are endless to what you can achieve with this awe-inspiring Ring!

You may experience supernatural/paranormal activity with this Ring; most notably levitation and moving locations, but also electrical disturbances, feeling cold spots, seeing orbs or strange lights. It is apparent this Ring has mysterious secret powers we do not even understand.
 photo tesla 2_zpsm9ngkqb3.jpg

Your purchase is for Tesla’s Alien Contact UFO Ring composed of alchemical metals, Size 7. Due to the age of this relic, daily wearing is not recommended. This is a priceless artifact you will treasure for a lifetime!

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