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Esoteric Eye of Horus Illuminati Secrets of the Cabal Amulet

$777.77 $2,499.99

Esoteric Eye of

Horus Illuminati

Secrets of the Cabal



King Solomon’s (also spelled: Suleman, Sulayman & Suleiman) Secret of Knowledge, Love, Magick & Occult Power was hidden in his Precious Magick Talismans! In Prophet Solomon’s modest request for wisdom only, he was rewarded with luxurious riches and the ability to access the Spiritual & Astral Realms, which extended over the upper world inhabited by the Angels and over the entire planet and all of its inhabitants, including all the animals, birds, and reptiles, as well as the demons and spirits. His control over the demons, spirits, and animals amplified his splendor ~ the demons brought him precious stones, and water from distant countries to irrigate his exotic plants. King Solomon’s wisdom grew exponentially and he learned how to create effective Magick Talismans, so he could control his Destiny and change his Life!


This Vessel has been imbued using Solomon’s Ancient Teachings from Hidden Manuscripts known only to the Scottish Sinclair Sect of the Knights Templar. They interpreted these texts to uncover Nistar (hidden meanings), as well as by direct supernatural visitations from Prophet Elijah. It was created at an astrologically auspicious time as well as ritually consecrated. Based on Secret esoteric teachings of Jewish Mysticism, the Kabbalah, this Cabal Amulet brings you Personal Empowerment, Enlightenment, Riches, Wisdom, Success, Healing, Restoration, Rebirth and Protection.


The Face of this Amulet features the Eye of Horus, an Ancient Egyptian symbol of Royal Power and utilized by the underground Secret Societies for Personal Empowerment & Success in all areas. It brings Enlightenment and helps to open your 3rd Eye. The 3rd eye is an invisible esoteric eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight & senses and is the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Once open, it brings strong visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras, awakens your Kundalini, brings precognition, and out-of-body experiences. Your heart, mind and body awareness are all simultaneously unblocked and open, which brings a state of presence, or being in & enjoying the present moment. This brings deep inner Spiritual connections and unequivocal joy & happiness.


The Eye of Horus Amulet clears the way for Success in all areas; business & romantic relationships will blossom! It places you directly in the flow of wealth & riches, so you too can enjoy the life of luxury. Secret Akashic information and Universal mysteries are revealed through visions & dreams. As your Spiritual body aligns with its energies, profound healing & restoration takes place within your Spiritual center, which can also affect your physical body, bringing great changes, youthful appearance and a dazzling Aura. Your pineal gland becomes activated, helping to bring restful sleep patterns and sexual stamina. The pineal gland not only helps harmonize your biorhythms, it also holds mystical properties and acts like an inner portal that connects you to other dimensions, including the dream and spiritual planes.


Welcome this powerful Occult Pendant and you will be Spiritually Connected to the global Energy Grid of people currently benefiting from the specific Spell Codes this Amulet carries! This includes Elite Underground Societies; the Illuminati, Masons, Skull & Bones, Hellfire Club, Celebrities and Nobility. Each time their life is blessed by this Amulet, the positive energy transfers to your Amulet and you will intrinsically be blessed too!


This Amulet provides you Massive Protection! It also has a cloak of invisibility surrounding it so Evil Spirits do not even know it exists. Allow this magnificent Amulet to help you achieve the seemingly impossible!


This mysterious piece exudes Raw Power that brings you: enhanced powers of influence, enhanced physic abilities, improved business and social life, lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, luck, beauty, astral projection, increased wealth, warding off of negative energy, occult power, spiritual development, charm, healing, and youthful energy. Try touching the screen and you will be able to feel its profound energies! here is no limit to what you will be capable of with this Omnipotent Amulet!


If you have been searching for that Extra Special & Rare Magickal, you have just found it! If you are interested in the Metaphysical and want to Enhance your Life for the better, this is a must-have! It may in fact be the Most Powerful Talisman you will ever own!


This incredible piece features the eye of Horus topped with 5 stars representing the CABAL Ministry, and several gold-colored orbs under the eye, representing an upside-down pyramid; set in a mix of alchemical metals. A leather recharging cord you can tie is included. This Amulet is intriguing, powerful and fascinating! Very Limited stock! Perfect for a Man or Woman, you do not have to wear this item as simply owning it will bestow you its blessings. You will treasure this Incredibly special Amulet for a Lifetime!


This vessel is from my friend & associate, Scottish Mage & High Master of Solomon & Templar Magick, Lord Sinclair, and has been ceremonially blessed and consecrated according to Solomon’s Doctrines & Secret Masonic and Jewish Illuminati Rituals. If you feel drawn to this piece, do not hesitate in making your purchase.


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