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St. Patrick's Day Wealth & Riches Luck O' The Irish Spellcast



St. Patrick’s Day
Wealth & Riches
Luck O' the Irish

On Thursday, March 17th, I will be performing a powerful Spellcast utilizing the secret teachings of my Celtic Druid Ancestors. During this Ritual, I summon St. Patrick and we work together to align your energies to that of Wealth & Riches! Are you in need of the Luck O’ the Irish: extremely good fortune, success, money or fortuitous blessings to manifest in your life? What better day and way to tap into the flow of Universal abundance than on one of the most prosperous days of the year!


These Spells will manifest positive financial changes in your Life, bringing prosperity, vast opulence, and unlimited resources. If you are an Entrepreneur or Self-employed, these Spells will help drive customers to you as well as help you develop fresh and creative new ideas/products. These Spells will also dissolve any conscious or subconscious negative feelings/energies that have been holding you back from obtaining the riches you deserve – allowing you to accept money without guilt and release negative past life and familial karmic ties to money.


I will be performing a plethora of Money Spells for All Matters relating to Wealth: Good Luck, Raises, Gifts of Cash, Get Out of Debt, Better Paying Job, Real Financial Security, Money Windfalls, Finding Treasures, Gambling Luck, New Opportunities and Business Success.


If you want me to focus on a certain area, I am more than happy to do so, just let me know! I will be performing these Spells on Thursday, March 17th, 2022, and will also be able to incorporate the powerful lunar energies of the nearly Full Moon! I just need your name and date of birth in the comment section. I can also perform this Spell for friends and loved ones too!

Since this is a service I am providing for you, there is no shipping charge.

May love & laughter light your days! Slainte! xxoo

Name and date of birth & any info.:

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