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 Starry 1 Night


7 Lucky Gods of Fortune Monk Blessed Amulet

$179.99 $279.99

7 Lucky Gods

of Fortune &

Immense Blessings

This beautiful Amulet was Imbued and Blessed in rural Bangkok, Thailand by 7 venerated Elder Buddhist Monks. These forest Monk’s live solitary lives with a deep focus on meditation, Taoist practicies and Magickal incantations. Through a modest lifetime of dedication, they have gained access to otherworldly realms and wisdom, which have provided them Supernatural abilities (such as levitation, stopping time, divination, invisibility and telekinesis). There is an undergound network through which people flock to these 7 Auspicious Monks to provide blessings over them, relay prophetic messages and give them the secrets to financial bliss. Many of their clients were very poor but became powerfully wealthy; these are true rags to riches accounts. The 7 Monk’s influences help others physically, spiritually, socially and economically. Their long and intense rituals incorporate special local incense, oils, and a mix of rare mushrooms and herbs (found only in their forest) to draw money, good luck and turn others affectionate towards you. They chant for days without food or drink and open a rare portal to the 7 Lucky Gods! The 7 Lucky Gods entered through this portal to eagerly bring their blessings into your life! They will not help you unless directly invited to do so and welcoming this amulet does just that!

The 7 Lucky Gods have so many powerful blessings in store for you! They will bring you extraordinary Guidance, Support and Wisdom. Each God Brings Blessings in certain areas to assist you. It does not matter your religious beliefs, they will help regardless of what you believe! The 7 Lucky Gods are an eclectic group of deities honored in Japan, India, and China. They ride a massive treasure ship to bestow you unlimited wealth, prosperity and fortunes! They are as follows:

God of the Ocean, Fishing Folk, Good Forture, Honest Labor, Commerce
Virtue: Honesty, Fair Dealing; will help make sure you’re treated fairly.

God of Earth, Agriculture, Farmers, Wealth, Prosperity, Flood Control, The Kitchen
Virtue: Fortune; brings you massive money windfalls!

God of Treasure, Bringer of Wealth, Defender of the Nation, Scourge of Evil Doers, Healer of Illness
Virtue: Self-esteem; helps you feel good about yourself so you’re at the top of your game!

Goddess of Music, Beauty, Eloquence, Literature, Art
Virtue: Friendliness; helps bring your inner light out so others can see how spectacular you are!

God of Contentment and Happiness
Virtue: Generosity; helps keep you in the flow of giving & receiving.

God of Wisdom & Longevity
Virtue: Longevity; helps you live a long, happy & healthy life.

God of Wealth, Happiness, Longevity, Virility, and Fertility
Virtue: Popularity; brings new friends & restore old friendships.

This beautiful amulet features a coy fish swimming among beautiful gemstones, set in solid .925 sterling silver with a sterling silver Recharging chain included. The Coy Fish represents good fortune, success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition and perseverance. You don’t have to wear the Amulet, you could simply hang it in a Special Place in your Home or Business or keep someplace special to usher in its amazing blessings!

The unique placement and conscious paring of these specific gemstones creates a powerful wealth generating Spiritual grid and bring further natural Metaphysical blessings into your life. Turquoise is a Master healer. It protects against environmental pollutants, brings subtle body alignment & strengthening, opens the throat chakra and enhances creative expression. This sacred gemstone has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans for protection against danger, accidents and evil. Turquoise brings protection while traveling, attracts abundance and prosperity and promotes harmony between friends and lovers. It helps to connect with Spirit and brings the energy of the sky down to earth. It is helpful in expanding awareness while still maintaining practicality. Turquoise moves the wearer toward integration and wholeness. Wearing turquoise can speed the healing process. The stone will usually change color when the owner is in danger. It is a stone of self-realization, helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions and it’s a wonderful aid in regards to any type of analytical thinking. It attunes the physical to the higher realms and aligns all chakras, creating a clear channel for its nurturing and creative energy. It helps strengthen and balance Kundalini Energy. Pearl brings purity, loyalty, integrity, beauty, luxury, love, romance, healing and good luck. It also brings happy, joyful energies and puts you in a good mood. Their energies have a calming and centering effect. They can help you connect with feminine/Goddess energies.  Blue Topaz has a distinct energy for strengthening psychic gifts... and will aid you to amplify gifts you already possess. It is also a strong psychic communication stone that will aid the expansion of a range of psychic powers. It will enhance your ability to take in psychic knowledge that is communicated to you from Aliens/ETs, which will aid your Spiritual growth. It opens & enhances your 3rd Eye, allowing contact with Spirits and Aliens. Blue Topaz brings truth, wisdom, healing and helps you in communicating clearly. It helps in bringing body, mind and spirit into union. It assists in recognizing where you have strayed from your own truth. Used in Meditation, it will aid you to bring Spiritual insights through from the Higher realms. Records dating back thousands of years confirm that red coral was used in decorative art objects. It was believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease. Red Coral is a good aid for meditation or visualization. Red Coral symbolizes life and blood force energy and is used for circulation and stimulating the bloodstream.

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