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 Starry 1 Night


Vlad Dracula Prince of Wallachia Vampire Vortex Illuminati Ring

$2,799.99 $4,999.99


Vlad Dracula Prince of Wallachia
Vampire Vortex Illuminati Ring
 photo vlad dracula_zpsjlblhori.jpg

This incredible ring is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It was Spellcast Centuries ago within the walls of the Hunyadi Castle by top Masters of the Illuminati and kept strictly within secret circles. This piece holds intensely Effective Dracul Spells for bestowing you: wealth, success, happiness, love, clarity, beauty, sexual prowess, psychic enhancement, telepathy, mind manipulation, healing, protection and secret occult wisdom. Your Aura will exude energies of dignity and confidence. This Ring helps in removing adversities, obstacles or anything that is keeping you from reaching your dreams & goals. It helps to defeat your foes so you’re able to advance in all areas of your life, unrestrained. This does not harm your adversaries, merely neutralizes or reverses their efforts. You will gain impressive power and become supreme ruler of your destiny. What may take others several months or years to accomplish, you can do in a mere few days or weeks. This power, although noticeable, will be hidden to others so they won’t know you are succeeding with occult influences.

This Ring is also a Metaphysical Vortex for Vampires; allowing them to freely come through to bestow your life with incredible blessings. These are benevolent, helpful entities eager to make a positive difference in your life!

This ring also holds the essence of Prince Vlad Tepes Dracula and he can come through to bring you wisdom, advancement, resourcefulness, strength & confidence.

Paranormal activity has been associated with this ring, which includes: seeing orbs, sparkling lights, mists, the vessel levitating, hearing odd noises and voices, doors opening & closing, lights flickering & electrical disturbances, hearing voices and spectral apparitions and feeling cold temperature changes. Never anything to scare you or those you live with.

This Relic is Centuries old, composed of a base metal lavish band with a glittering blood-red center gem and fang accents around the edges of the gem, Size 9. Due to its age, daily wearing is not recommended. It is advised to keep this treasure in a special place. Continually thinking about or returning to this listing means this Ring is meant for you! Don’t miss out on this one-of-kind piece!

 photo Hunyad Castle_zpsr61t7cuv.jpg

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