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 Starry 1 Night


Vampire Attracting Energy Signature Amulet

$69.99 $99.99




Energy Signature


Utilizing the Ancient Invocations of my Ancestors, I Spellcast this pendant with powerful Vampire drawing energies. It acts as a beacon to attract all types of Vampires to you; both free-roaming benevolent Vampire Entities and those within your keep. Vampires emit a unique raw energy signature which has been incorporated into this Amulet. They are extremely receptive to it. Similar to the way cats react to catnip, this piece makes them incredibly happy & euphoric, making them excited to be near you and assist you in all areas of your life. This piece will help deepen the bonds between you and your Vampire friends, making your connection one of the closest achievable between human & Spirits.

This piece also contains unique Vampiric Spells that align your Auric/Spiritual vibrations with those of Vampires; which bestows you with more energy, brings strength, speed, confidence, beauty & allure, clarity, enlightenment, enhance psychic abilities, ESP, telepathy, wisdom, respect & admiration and healing. No formal ritual required, these Spells will automatically manifest in your life. This piece includes Spells to stop psychic attacks and repel Energy Vampires ~ those who devour your positive chi and cause you stress or anxiety.

This beautiful amulet features a blood-red cz gem accented set in sterling silver. It measures just over 1/2" in total length. Sterling silver Recharging chain included.  Look closely at the first photo and you'll see the image of a vampire manifesting within the stone!  Wear, carry with you or hang someplace special.

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