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 Starry 1 Night


The Doppelganger Effect Vortex Amulet Sons of Baal Satanic Illuminati

$166.66 $666.66

This incredible Occult Amulet was cast by the Satanic Illuminati Brotherhood, the Sons of Baal. This exclusive Clan only offers their pieces through my website. They cast incredibly dark Magick Spells based on Centuries old Satanic Illuminati traditions. This particular Magick has been passed down through select Illuminati Bloodlines and cannot be duplicated. Their pieces are currently advancing Dark Illuminati members across the globe. Once you welcome this Amulet, you will be joined to these other members through a Spiritual energy grid that covers the world and pulsates in power. This power is continuous and endless, and can bring you anything you desire!

Through several guarded ceremonies, they cast this Amulet with their Exclusive Doppelganger Effect Vortex Spells. Once you welcome this piece, it creates an instant gateway to and alignment of your Doppelgangers! Your Doppelgangers are an exact duplication of you except they exist in several different dimensions. Think of when you hold a mirror up to itself and see your reflection x’s infinity. All of those are you, but different versions of you, many with better health, better wealth, better relationships, better jobs, and the list goes on! You will be able to call forth whatever you need from the appropriate Doppelganger to influence your life! For example, if you are sick and want to get healthy, the Doppelganger that has the best health will come forward to transfer his/her vibrational frequency into you, so that you may heal quickly and gain those healthy energies. If you are struggling financially and want to increase your wealth, the vastly rich version of you will come forward to transfer those energies! It truly is incredible that you’re able to outsource your needs through different dimensions in time and space!

You can also control any of your Doppelgangers – command him/her to do anything on your behalf. He/she will whisper into the ears of anyone, influencing their thoughts and decisions! You can ask your Doppelgangers to do things you don't want to do or do anything for you! They are unconquerable! People will see him/her and think they are you! He/she can be invisible or visible, depending on what you'd like them to do!

Once you welcome this piece, you are instantly aligned with all of your Doppelgangers. Curses/Hexes others try to send you can’t take effect when your vibrational signature is aligned with multiple sources, and malevolent Spirits don’t know who to attack! Based on the natural laws of Quantum Physics, there is no way for Evil to affect your Doppelgangers, thereby protecting you too!

Please use your Doppelganger with caution!! His/her Powers are Massive – well beyond any Spell or Spirit in the known Universe!

Your purchase is for 1 Doppelganger Effect Vortex Amulet featuring a specter skull with a skull bail, composed of stainless steel. It comes with a sterling silver Recharging chain.

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