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 Starry 1 Night


Female Ruby Babylonian Sirrush Dragon of Marduk Ring

$259.99 $579.99

Female Ruby

Babylonian Sirrush

Dragon of Marduk 

Summoned utilizing Secret Akkadian Mesopotamian Dragon Invocation Manuscripts known only to the Sinclair Sect of the Illuminati, I’m honored to present this all-powerful Sumerian Dragon entity. Son of the God Enki (Ea), Marduk was a Babylonian Supreme God King of Dragons, Magick, righteousness, healing, transformation, rebirth, mercy, equality and protection. After he defeated the forces of Chaos, he created the celestial heavens, planets (including Earth), and co-created humans. Humans were to be equal to Gods and help defend against chaos and maintain order in the World. He created the Sirrush Dragons to assist humans with these phenomenal feats. The Illuminati Sirrush Dragons of Marduk are aligned with the planet Jupiter and are some of the most amazing in existence; offering incredible protection, loyalty, knowledge and gifts from beyond.

This exuberant female Dragon will rise to any challenge and will defend and protect her keeper from all harm & Evils. She understands that other people can be mean & cruel by their very nature and she will shield you from their draining energies and stop them in their tracks. She loves to hoard wealth and treasures so she will bring precious gifts directly to you. She craves goals and projects to work on for you as this brings her great fulfillment, so do not be afraid to tell her to help you with something, even if it seems like an impossible situation. She has an uplifting and motivational energy that will inspire you. Her strong loyalty and compassion makes her a wonderful companion!

The wisdom of a Marduk Dragon is matched by no other creature known on this Earth. Much their power and prestige is due to its great Wisdom, which has been Mastered throughout the ages. These Dragons are the Ultimate in Wish-Granters. They Excel at all Magick Rituals (Black & White) and can perform Arcane Dragon Spells for you. Ask them to help you transform any situation!

This female Dragon has very large dark ruby colored wings and she is covered with iridescent scales that shimmer in ruby hues. She has a very warm and welcoming presence.

Her vessel is this raw ruby ring set in pure .925 sterling silver, Size 9.5. You do not have to wear the ring to bond with her, you can carry with you or keep someplace special.

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