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Rothschild Illuminati Treasure Casket Ring Secret Bavarian Relic

$3,000.00 $3,993.13


Rothschild Illuminati Treasure Casket Ring Secret Bavarian Relic
 photo rothschild-coat-of-arms_zpsigzncmmx.jpg

Rothschild Coat of Arms

I’m humbly honored to present this mystifying ring, which has a tremendous history. This Occult Magick Ring has been in the Rothschild’s possession for several Centuries. It was originally imbued in the late 18th Century by the Rothschild Illuminati Alchemists for extreme wealth & riches, success in business and personal endeavors, having others appreciate & respect you, destroying obstacles, mind control, Spirit summoning & contact and extreme advancement in any area you desire (for example; fame, career choice and personal power). Naturally, when others heard of this powerful Ring, they wanted to steal it for themselves – at any cost. The Rothschild’s struggled to keep it hidden and at one point, it was buried in a secret Crypt along with other Treasures. There is still Ancient dirt packed within the band!

The underground Bavarian Rothschild Cabal of Power is the MOST powerful of Royal Illuminati influences. The Rothschild’s established a European banking dynasty in the late 18th Century. Five lines of the Austrian branch of the family were elevated to Austrian Nobility. At the request of Queen Victoria, another line of the British branch was elevated to British Nobility. This is the family with the “Midas touch!” The Rothschild family is believed to have possessed by far the largest private fortune in the world as well as by far the largest fortune in modern world history and currently in control the World’s Global Finances.

What this Treasure Casket Ring can do for you is beyond words! It will automatically align with your personal Energy and the Illuminati Spells imbued into it will bring you profound gifts & blessings. If you are searching for a powerful Relic, don’t miss this one! Problems will dissolve, Obstacles will be obliterated, Riches will be yours ~ and anything you desire will come to you!

This Ring features a deep amber “Casket” gem set in a band of unknown metal composition. The Casket gem represents “putting to rest”/ending of all negativity/bad luck in your life, and the beginning of a positive, new future on a road paved with riches, rewards & Enlightenment. The unique Alchemical design of this ring holds intense Cosmic & Occult power. Size 8.75. As stated earlier, there is Ancient Earth packed within the band of this Ring ~ this has enhanced its power and it is not meant to be cleaned.

There is no formal ritual or maintenance required. Simply owning this Ring will open the door to your blessings.

Typically, pieces such as this stay within the Family, so this is an incredible opportunity to not only own a piece of history but a Ring with Supreme Magick power! It was bequeathed to my associate, Illuminati Master & Scottish Mage, Lord Sinclair. He feels it is meant for the person that feels called.

Will you Keeper to this Amazing Relic? If so, you will feel a strong magnetism towards this Ring and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it! You might not even understand why, but this Ring will connect with you on a Soul level and you won’t rest until it is yours!

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