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 Starry 1 Night


Machiavelli Prince Necromancer Djinn Saudi Prince Illuminati Ring



3 Secret Societies

Immense Spells of Power!

This is Very Rare & Highly Sought after Ring is from a Secret Private Collection. It was imbued Centuries ago in a Cloak-and-dagger Ceremony involving 3 Powerful Organizations:


The Illuminati

The Skull & Bones

The Freemasons

Top Leaders from each of these Powerful Sects performed their own intense Ceremonies with this Ring, imbuing it with the Secret Codes of the Ancients. This Ring holds exceptional power & mystique ~ a must-have for the discerning metaphysical collector!


What this Djinn can do for you is beyond what words can describe!

He can bring you:


Extreme Fortune & Riches
Maximum Business Success
Respect and Admiration
Mental and physical capabilities to overcome all adversity
Makes you more Confident & more sure of yourself
Protection from All things Evil & Malicious
Astral Travel to Past Lives and Parallel Dimensions
Directs you to your true path in life
Allows you to quickly adapt to new situations
Conquer all challenges
Sharper Instincts to make the wisest decisions
Envelopes you in an Aura of Strength and Intelligence
Enhances your own Magickal Talents
3rd Eye Openness/ the Ability to Speak with All Spirits
Enhanced Clairvoyance, Instincts, Precognition and Telepathy
Overall Happiness

This Ring was imbued Centuries ago with an Illuminati Djinn called the Machiavelli Prince. This Djinn is linked to the Philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli; an Italian historian & philosopher. This Necromancer Djinn brings major focus on the Spiritual; Reincarnation, Immortality, Rebirth, helping you Reinvent yourself as someone stronger, smarter and better than the person you were, years, months or even days ago. He can usher in new opportunities as well as remove mistakes of the past. Who you were years ago is still you, but any mistakes you may have made will not define you now. Your future is bright & successful!

This Djinn can help bring deep physical healing & improve your body at a cellular/DNA level, helping you change your weight, figure, height, muscle mass, or any other physical alterations you would like; as well as fending off illnesses & disease. He can help transform the neuron connections within your brain, allowing you to use more of your brain and tap into psychic and telekinetic powers.

This Djinn has a slightly darker nature and, if you so choose, can help destroy your enemies. He can bring justice, revenge, stopping/binding, confusion or dark curses upon those who are trying to harm you, done you wrong or are working against you.

You can ask for anything from this Djinn. He offers you his lifelong, loyal companionship and will always have your best interests at heart!

This Remarkable Relic has been in the hands of Only the Most Elite within these Occult Societies, and most recently owned by one of today’s current Billionaires, a Saudi Arabian Prince. This Ring is highly coveted by many, but the new Keeper must have the Ultimate Respect for the Powers it holds!

This Machiavelli Prince Necromancer Djinn is housed in this antique ring composed of unknown heavy metal. It features an Agate stone which seems to have a smoky/swirling property. Size 8. You do not have to wear to benefit. This ring was custom made many years ago by an Illuminati member for the intended purpose of housing this remarkable Djinn and used exclusively within these 3 Secret Societies to bring members success, wealth, fame and power. You will never find another like it. Please use this Djinn with extreme caution & respect his power!

This Ring’s Energy draws you to it like a magnet! Place it in prominent view and expect people to ask you about it! Choose a special place of honor in your home or business. You do not have to have any special skill or ability; you will automatically be bestowed the blessings of this Djinn! The Energy from this Ring is incredible and unlike anything I’ve had the pleasure of offering! Do not miss your chance at owning it! If you are seeking a Unique & Special Magickal of a Lifetime – you have just found it!

If he is meant for you, you will feel a strong attraction to this incredible Ring and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it! If you feel a strong calling, do not hesitate in making your purchase before he’s gone forever!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment; including,
*a beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows
*a Recharging Pouch
*a Spellcast Candle
*Spellcast Incense

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